The 16+ club is a social and sports activities session held at St John Fisher Church Hall for young people with learning disabilities aged between 16 and 25 years of age.

The club runs weekly on Monday evenings, 6pm to 9pm, throughout school term time and the venue provides the young people with a very homely and comfortable setting.  The young people participate in physical activities, which improves health and well-being, reduces stress and obesity levels, improves co-ordination and motor skills as well as increasing confidence.  Encouraging a healthy life style at this age will benefit the young people in later life.

The club also runs a homework club giving expert help and guidance on the many and varied school/college assignments our students have to undertake.  At the weekly discussion groups, certain topics are highlighted and leaflets/advice is also given.  These leaflets are often sent to the club by other statutory and voluntary groups, who we work in partnership with (i.e. health education).

In conjunction with the society being a fully recognised Hate Incident Reporting Centre, the students are also educated on hate related matters so that they can gain the confidence in standing up against this negativity that sadly still is prevalent in the lives of the learning disabled.

The club provides a wide variety of activities and workshops during the course of the year to provide as many educational and life related topics for the young people to engage in and learn from.

For details of where the club meets, please go to our Flyers page and click on the 16+ photo.